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The last thirty days have been interesting here in Brownlandia.

November is National Novel Writing Month (www.nanowrimo.org) and I’ve participated to various levels of success of the last six years or so. Was involved in it again this year and while I didn’t hit the 50k word mark that is the goal (I did put out 23k), I managed to find my way on a new novel and I’m super excited about that. I kind of thought things were dead in the water with this for a while, but I spent the first 10 days of November (and the week prior) focusing on an outline, playing with scenarios and ideas, and something came together. A pretty big something.

As most of you know, too, I love my bad guys. Love them so much that I frequently make them the “good” guys in any story I’m working on. Not so in this new novel, and I felt that loss a bit, but mostly because the bad guy was nameless, faceless, and just there. He had no point other than to add conflict by his very presence. Conflict is important, of course, but it feels empty without a purpose. The bad guy has to have a goal and mine didn’t. Not until around November 16th. Driving to St. Louis to see family for the holidays, my wife and I were discussing the finer points of the new plot and she said something that made it all click. I love it when a plan comes together.

Also, in the last thirty days I’ve had two short stories released: “Bless You” in the West Pigeon Press anthology For When the Veil Drops and “What’s Left Behind” in the Post Mortem Press anthology Fear the Abyss. I’m happy to be a part of both anthologies. You can just click on the story titles above to link to the pages I’ve created for them. I’ve already pimped the shit out of them independently via Facebook and Twitter, so I’ll say no more, other than you should go buy them. They’re both great collections with a huge amount of established, semi-established, and up and coming writers. Don’t take my word for it, though. Go look. Buy. Read.

With the novel taking shape, I hope to have the rough draft finished by the end of the year. Get it edited and in shape maybe to try and find a home for it in early 2014. And if not, that’s fine; I’ve already started an outline for another novel, and I have one currently in edit stages. With the freeing up of my time, I’ve gotten back to the basics of my life: my family, writing, and reading. Boy, have I been reading a lot.

Oh, yeah. And fucking Halo, bitches.

Steampunk Cocktails? Hell yes!

Just a quick update as I get ready for another week of mundania. And by mundania I mean working my corporate job that pays all the bills and ekes life from my soul on a daily basis. I used to think my kids caused my gray hair; I know better now.

In other news, my wife attended UtopiaCon this weekend. Not only did she get to hang out and chat with the lovely and talented SJ Tucker, she brought me a gift.

Check this out…

She knows me well, my wife. That book is Steamdrunks by Chris-Rachael Oseland. 101 Steampunk cocktails and mixed drinks. How awesome can one wife be? I’m thinking it’ll be party time soon.

In case you missed it, Cruel and Unusual was read by Nelson W. Pyles on his podcast Story Time at the Wicked Library. Nelson did a fanfuckingtastic job with the story. Cruel and Unusual was originally published in the PMPress anthology “A Means to an End.” Check  out the podcast and then listen to all the back episodes, especially the ones with Jessica McHugh and Joe R. Lansdale! Epic, epic, epic shit.

I got an email today that my “For When the Veil Drops” contributor copy is on its way. That anthology, from the fine folk at West Pigeon Press, has my story Bless You in it (along with many fine others) and should be available in the next few weeks. I’ll post it up per my usual way when I know you can get it.

My last bit of news for today is that my story, What’s Left Behind, will be in the “Fear the Abyss” anthology from Post Mortem Press. It’s a sci-fi/horror short set in the same post-apocalyptic world as Dominance. If you’re a fan of Dominance, you’ll definitely want to read What’s Left Behind. This one has a tentative release date near the end of November.

That’s it from me.

Welcome to the Slow Down…

Just a quick little update for today! I’ll be back with an actual blog post next weekend probably. Something writing related, of course; I just don’t know what.

First off, before I do anything else… THANK YOU! That’s a blanket shout out to everyone who’s followed me on Twitter, liked me on Facebook, bought a copy of Necromancer or Bits & Pieces, reviewed either, or just came up and said hello at one of the recent conventions I’ve been at. I fucking appreciate YOU to no end.

If you didn’t catch them, I’ve done both a guest post and an interview for a couple of different blogs. My guest post, “The Writuals” goes into how I got myself into a daily writing mode and the interview talks about my first writing experiences and some upcoming projects. No spoilers, though, I promise! The links are below. Check them out… not just cuz you love me, but because both Michael Haynes and the Shut up and Read blog people could probably use the hits! Always, always support indie artists!

“The Writuals” on Michael’s Write Every Day blog can be read here!

My interview for Shut Up and Read can be read here!

And last, but certainly not least, the anthology “For When the Veil Drops” from West Pigeon Press (which will contain my story Bless You) is still on target for a late August release. Maybe early September, but the editors are doing a damn fine job of keeping us in the loop as far as the progress is concerned. I’m looking forward to reading all the selected stories. I hope you are, too.

Fright Night (for real!) and more info on West Pigeon Press antho

So the Fright Night Film Fest was a success. Post Mortem Press sold a fair number of books and I was able to sell three copies of Necromancer. Not too shabby for an urban fantasy book at a horror convention catering mostly to movies and fans. It helps there are zombies in Necromancer, of course.

I was also able to meet the fine folks that run zombieinfo.com. Great people, so go check out their webpage. I was also the lucky raffle winner of an original Lydia Burris print on Saturday. That was pretty fucking awesome, I tell you. I spent a buck on my ticket and came away with kick ass art. Been a fan of Lydia’s work for awhile now and any chance to add to my growing collection is one that I’ll take.

In the news department, received an email from West Pigeon Press who will be publishing my story “Bless You.” We’re scheduled for an August release (yay! happy birthday to me!) and I’ve been given a glimpse at the cover art, which I can’t get to upload, so you will have to wait on that. Also, the title has been released and it is… wait for it… “For When the Veil Drops” I’ll be sharing pages with such authors as Lydia Peever, Christian Larsen, Samuel Minier, and BV Lawson.


We’re off to see the Necromancer… and other sundry items


Every city has an underworld and St. Louis is no exception. Torrin McGlynne—driven by a selfish, misguided sense of justice—thrives in his dealings with the city’s thieves, murderers, and drug dealers. They supply him with both job security and the financial means to provide a better life for his daughters.
When he runs afoul of a shadowy cabal wielding unimaginable, magical powers, he unwittingly enters into a deadly game of cat and mouse where nothing is what it seems. The stakes continue to rise until Torrin must choose between protecting himself and making the ultimate sacrifice to save those he loves the most.
I’m super excited to announce that my debut novel, Necromancer, is being published by small press giant, Post Mortem Press. Before I talk a little about the book, I’d like to thank Eric Beebe for trusting in a first -time novelist and signing me on. Take a second and head over to the PMPress website and check them out. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!
Necromancer is a gritty urban fantasy novel set in St. Louis. You won’t find an oversexed protagonist or any angsty romantic subplots here. No sparkly vampires, werewolves that don’t bite, or mind reading fairies. Follow Torrin as he navigates the landmines and pitfalls of people with unimaginable, magical powers who like to play Byzantine games.
Necromancer is available NOW for your Kindle reading devices. Get your copy here!
Necromancer is available NOW for your Nook, Kobo, iPad, iPhone, and PDF. Get your copy here!
The paperback will be released on June 12th, but if you can’t wait to read (and I hope you can’t!) you can pre-order the paperback here! Use code AAB8GJJY for $2.00 off the cover price!
If you’re local to St. Louis, I’ll be with the Post Mortem Press the weekend of June 15th-17th at Contamination, St. Louis’ premier pop-culture and horror convention! Come down, buy a book, and get it signed. I’ll have some free copies of my novella, Men of Five, to give away to the first few people who purchase a copy!
You can pick up some other great books from PMPress while you’re there like “The Big Man of Barlow” by Brad Carter and “I’m No P.I.” by Alan Zacher.
I’ve also released a collection of my short stories on Kindle called “Bits & Pieces.” There’s 10 stories in all, five that are previously unpublished. But you get 40,000 words for less than 2 bucks! You can’t beat that with a stick. Check them out, get yourself a copy, and hopefully be entertained for awhile!
In other news, I’ve signed my contract with West Pigeon Press for my story “Bless You” and hopefully we’ll see that anthology out soon! More details as I get them.
And lastly, I’ve got a Facebook fan page! I’d appreciate some LIKEs over there to help me reach potential readers like you! You can get to the FB page by clicking C. Bryan Brown. As an added bonus, for every 25 new likes I get, I’m giving away a free ebook copy of Men of Five! How awesome is that?

This is me being diligent…

There are a few updates to announce.

First, the links for my stories “Bullets and Bells” and “The One and the Many” are coming down. The anthologies through CMC are out of print for a short time while they’re transitioned over to being published through the Creative Minds. It might be a few months until they’re prepped and ready to be sold again. In light of that news, the next CMC anthology will be coming up around the same time. It will include my story “Heritage.”

The final edits on “Bless You” have been submitted to West Pigeon Press. That should be released sometime in the next couple of months. I’ll post more when it does actually release. The story is a personal favorite of mine so I’m looking forward to its release.

I’ve got two shorts out in the universe and the novel is still out there, too. Hopefully good things will come of all three.

I’m working on a Facebook “fan” page (Hahahaha) and I’m trying to figure out how to put a schedule of appearances up here. But I’m a web moron, so it might be awhile on both. We’ll see.

I’ll be back when there’s more.

I’m trying to be diligent, I swear…

It’s been a very long time. I’m horrible at keeping up this website. I need to do better. They (they being other writers and marketing folk) say a semi-professional writer needs a strong web presence. I agree and I post frequently on my Facebook page and my Twitter account, but let’s face it… no one really follows me on Twitter (yet, though I did have a fan tweet to me… once) and my Facebook page is actually personal and other than acquaintances, family, and other writers, no one is there. I’m in the process of making one of those damn “pages,” but I run into the same problem with that as I do with this website.


I spend as much time writing as possible. That’s done in between reading and editing for Title Goes Here: and Misanthrope Press. Plus raising two kids, trying to keep my wife interested in being married to me, hang out with the very minimal amount of friends I do have, adds up to very, very little actual time to write, much less do things like this. I’ve tried to talk my wife into being my web-bitch, but so far it’s been an uphill battle.

Here I am, though, and I’ve updated a few things.

You’ll notice a purchase link to Dark Doorways has been added to the “Sewer Rats” page. If you remember, it was selected to part of Post Mortem Press’s best of.

I’ve also added a link to Pill Hill Press’s Daily Frights 2012. My flash piece, “A Vision in Red” was included in that anthology. There are 366 stories in the book. That’s one for every day of the year. Pick up a copy and enjoy! (Note: I couldn’t get the cover image to load. I’ll try again later, but all the text stuff is there.)

On the publishing front, one of my personal favorite stories, “Bless You” was accepted by West Pigeon Press for publication in their upcoming anthology. I believe it’s slated for release in the next few months. As per my usual, once I have more details I’ll share them. Probably on Twitter and Facebook, but eventually they’ll make it here, too. I promise.

I’ve got one story out in the ether waiting on a response.

I suppose I should mention the upcoming conventions. I’m planning on being at MARCon on Saturday the 7th. I’m not doing any panels, just hanging out. I do believe the good people of Post Mortem Press will be there selling books, but other than that, I don’t have any details.

I’ll also be at Contamination in St. Louis the weekend of June 15th. My intention there is to sign books with Post Mortem. Two weekends after that (June 29th), I’ll be at the Fright Night Film Fest in Lexington, Kentucky. Again, my intention is to sign books and what not.

The weekend of July 27th, I’ll be attending Confluence in Pittsburgh. I signed up for panels and things, but I don’t have any details yet since it’s still a bit of time to that one.

I’ll keep everything posted and hopefully in a timely manner. I like to meet people who’ve read or want to read what I’ve written, so I figure I have to get over this anti-promotion thing I’ve got.

Now, some announcements!

Misanthrope Press just released its third anthology: A Rustle of Dark Leaves: Tales from the Shadows of the Forest. It’s edited by Inanna Gabriel and has 15 kick-ass stories in it. You can pick up copies from Amazon.com, the MP Bookstore, or an eBook version here!

During my convention cycles, I’ve met a lot of great, great people. Their talent is only exceeded by their genuine kindness in helping to promote indie artists (of all ilks) and it pleases me to let everyone know that Kyle Dickerson’s new novel, “Ten Frames at the Galaxy Bowl” is coming next week. Order a copy from the publisher, Post Mortem Press.

At HorrorHound Columbus, I bought a Lo Pan painting from the hugely talented Lydia Burris. It’s going on the wall in my office for inspiration. Not only because of Lydia, but John Carpenter as well. Great movie.

That’s about it.

Chow, as I like to say.

Ha. Ha.