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I’ve spent the morning screwing around with the website, but here it is anyway.

I’ve added a link to my Facebook Fan Page, updated the side image to link over to the Kindle version of “Necromancer,” and streamlined the entire look on that side. I also added a page for “Bits & Pieces,” so if you haven’t gotten a copy yet, you can link over to Amazon from here. I’ll add a page for “Necromancer” in the next couple of days, once the paperback releases TOMORROW!

Don’t forget, I’ll be in St. Louis this weekend (15th-17th) at Contamination, signing copies and giving away some free stuff to the first dozen or so people who buy a copy at the convention. Hope to see some people there!

We’re off to see the Necromancer… and other sundry items


Every city has an underworld and St. Louis is no exception. Torrin McGlynne—driven by a selfish, misguided sense of justice—thrives in his dealings with the city’s thieves, murderers, and drug dealers. They supply him with both job security and the financial means to provide a better life for his daughters.
When he runs afoul of a shadowy cabal wielding unimaginable, magical powers, he unwittingly enters into a deadly game of cat and mouse where nothing is what it seems. The stakes continue to rise until Torrin must choose between protecting himself and making the ultimate sacrifice to save those he loves the most.
I’m super excited to announce that my debut novel, Necromancer, is being published by small press giant, Post Mortem Press. Before I talk a little about the book, I’d like to thank Eric Beebe for trusting in a first -time novelist and signing me on. Take a second and head over to the PMPress website and check them out. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!
Necromancer is a gritty urban fantasy novel set in St. Louis. You won’t find an oversexed protagonist or any angsty romantic subplots here. No sparkly vampires, werewolves that don’t bite, or mind reading fairies. Follow Torrin as he navigates the landmines and pitfalls of people with unimaginable, magical powers who like to play Byzantine games.
Necromancer is available NOW for your Kindle reading devices. Get your copy here!
Necromancer is available NOW for your Nook, Kobo, iPad, iPhone, and PDF. Get your copy here!
The paperback will be released on June 12th, but if you can’t wait to read (and I hope you can’t!) you can pre-order the paperback here! Use code AAB8GJJY for $2.00 off the cover price!
If you’re local to St. Louis, I’ll be with the Post Mortem Press the weekend of June 15th-17th at Contamination, St. Louis’ premier pop-culture and horror convention! Come down, buy a book, and get it signed. I’ll have some free copies of my novella, Men of Five, to give away to the first few people who purchase a copy!
You can pick up some other great books from PMPress while you’re there like “The Big Man of Barlow” by Brad Carter and “I’m No P.I.” by Alan Zacher.
I’ve also released a collection of my short stories on Kindle called “Bits & Pieces.” There’s 10 stories in all, five that are previously unpublished. But you get 40,000 words for less than 2 bucks! You can’t beat that with a stick. Check them out, get yourself a copy, and hopefully be entertained for awhile!
In other news, I’ve signed my contract with West Pigeon Press for my story “Bless You” and hopefully we’ll see that anthology out soon! More details as I get them.
And lastly, I’ve got a Facebook fan page! I’d appreciate some LIKEs over there to help me reach potential readers like you! You can get to the FB page by clicking C. Bryan Brown. As an added bonus, for every 25 new likes I get, I’m giving away a free ebook copy of Men of Five! How awesome is that?

Moving along…

It’s been a bit more than a month since the last update. Much has ensued, though not much of interest to anyone but me.

Inanna and I attended MARCon in Columbus. Picked up some good tips for Misanthrope Press but the actual writing panels were a bit on the weaker side. Another bonus, though, was getting to meet F. Paul Wilson. He’s long been a favorite of mine and quite an influence. A few things he said stuck with me in relationship to my current status as a writer. First, ‘we make shit up.’ Yes, we do. And second, the golden rule of writing, which was that if you want to write, then you have to write. Put your ass in the chair. There’s no excuse for not doing it.

Misanthrope has closed its doors on the Etched Offerings anthology. Decisions have all been made and notifications will be going out in the next week. It’s going to be a phenomenal book. Super stoked over SJ Tucker and Chris Orapello’s involvement in the project. Top drawer.

Lastly, I’ll be with Post Mortem Press at the St. Louis convention Con-Tamination the weekend of June 24th. I assume I’ll be signing books, but at the very least sitting there with a smile on my face. Come on by if you’re in the Lou that day and say hello!

Still haven’t heard back on the single story I have out in submission land, but that’s okay by me. The closing date is today, so I expect to hear back in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed.

And that’s it.