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Writing: Because, Thank You

This isn’t going to be a long blog post (as some of mine can be), but it’s certainly a personal one.

Last weekend, the pretty awesome (okay, to be fair, he’s more than pretty awesome) Eric Beebe (owner of Post Mortem Press) held a writer’s retreat and I had the fortunate pleasure of attending. There were a dozen writers, some brought spouses, other brought spouses and kids, and some just brought themselves. All told, there were more than a few people milling about.

Now, people who know me (which is probably everyone reading this blog, actually) understand that I’m pretty much an introvert until I get to know you or until I get drunk, so the idea of attending a retreat was pretty fucking daunting. When it was first brought up, I said I’d like to go, but in the back of my head I was thinking, “If it happens, I’ll bow out and let someone else fill the spot.”

My wife told me I was an idiot. She was far more colorful than that, but idiot is what she meant.

I paid and I went.

It was a super great gathering of authors, a giant creative machine of like-minded people, and just fun. I don’t say that about too many social situations, but I can about this.

It’s my distinct pleasure to be a part of this Post Mortem Press family and I give a hearty thank you to Eric for having me and all the other authors. I’ve learned a lot from Eric and the rest of the PMPress people, came out of my shell a bit more, and I have better tools to continue writing and selling my work. A simple blog post thank you isn’t really enough, but it’s all I have. An extra thank you goes out to the special guests present: Gary Braunbeck, Lucy Snyder, and Tim Waggoner. My respect grows each time I’m lucky enough to meet and talk with them.

And who was there? Well, these people, and it was excellent to see some of them again and meet others for the first time. Check out their websites and work at the links below:

Special Guest: Gary A. Braunbeck

Special Guest: Lucy Snyder

Special Guest: Tim Waggoner

Nelson Pyles

Kenneth W. Cain

Jessica McHugh

KT Jayne

Paul Anderson

J. David Anderson

Georgina Morales

Brian Dobbins

Brady Allen

Elizabeth Jenike