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Steampunk Cocktails? Hell yes!

Just a quick update as I get ready for another week of mundania. And by mundania I mean working my corporate job that pays all the bills and ekes life from my soul on a daily basis. I used to think my kids caused my gray hair; I know better now.

In other news, my wife attended UtopiaCon this weekend. Not only did she get to hang out and chat with the lovely and talented SJ Tucker, she brought me a gift.

Check this out…

She knows me well, my wife. That book is Steamdrunks by Chris-Rachael Oseland. 101 Steampunk cocktails and mixed drinks. How awesome can one wife be? I’m thinking it’ll be party time soon.

In case you missed it, Cruel and Unusual was read by Nelson W. Pyles on his podcast Story Time at the Wicked Library. Nelson did a fanfuckingtastic job with the story. Cruel and Unusual was originally published in the PMPress anthology “A Means to an End.” Check  out the podcast and then listen to all the back episodes, especially the ones with Jessica McHugh and Joe R. Lansdale! Epic, epic, epic shit.

I got an email today that my “For When the Veil Drops” contributor copy is on its way. That anthology, from the fine folk at West Pigeon Press, has my story Bless You in it (along with many fine others) and should be available in the next few weeks. I’ll post it up per my usual way when I know you can get it.

My last bit of news for today is that my story, What’s Left Behind, will be in the “Fear the Abyss” anthology from Post Mortem Press. It’s a sci-fi/horror short set in the same post-apocalyptic world as Dominance. If you’re a fan of Dominance, you’ll definitely want to read What’s Left Behind. This one has a tentative release date near the end of November.

That’s it from me.

Have to Sham and a Meaningful End

Just a quick note here; I’ve got two more stories out to be purchased now!

Bullets and Bells is in “Welcome to Havisham Corners”, published by Misanthrope Press for the Creative Minds Collective.

Cruel and Unusual is in “A Means to an End”, published by Post Mortem Press.

As per the usual, you’ll find links to more information above and I implore you to support the small press, the local press, and by default, me. You won’t be disappointed.