What’s Left Behind


Anthology Synopsis:  We stare into the abyss, hoping to learn, to understand. But the abyss is cold and uncaring. Post Mortem Press presents twenty-two unique visions of the fear of the unknown. Stories from authors nominated and awarded some of the most prestigious honors in genre fiction: Hugo, Nebula, Aurora, Bram Stoker™, and many others. These writers understand fear.

Story synopsis: The United States ended decades ago, destroyed by nuclear war. Survivors eke out an existence in what’s left  of their country. When a new threat emerges from the wasteland, Jake Murdock not only faces this new enemy in a fight for his life, but also the myths, fears, and prejudices left behind by a society that refuses to learn from past mistakes.

Advanced praise for Fear the Abyss:  “FEAR THE ABYSS brings the shocks, one disturbing jolt after another. These are tales from the bleeding edge of modern horror fiction. Highly recommended.” -Jonathan Maberry, New York Times best-selling author of ASSASSIN’S CODE and FLESH & BONE

Purchase Fear the Abyss on Amazon.com here!
Purchase Fear the Abyss for Kindle here!

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