Pale Deaths

About cc&d Magazine:  Billed as the unreligious, nonfamily oriented literary and art magazine, Children, Churches and Daddies (founded 1993) has been written and researched by political groups and writers from the United States, Canada, Australia, Belgium, England, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malta, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa and Turkey (as well as input from both Japan and Slovenia). Regular features provide coverage of environmental, political and social issues (via news and philosophy) as well as fiction and poetry, and act as an information and education source. Children, Churches and Daddies is the leading magazine for this combination of information, education and entertainment.

Story Synopsis: On Root Canal Appreciation Day, an unnamed man, sitting in a courtroom pens an open letter to his wife while waiting for his lawyer to call him to the stand. He is guilty of murder and only wishes the chance to explain things.

You can purchase a copy of cc&d here.

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