Men of Five


Men of Five

Men of Five is the dark sci-fi/horror novella from author C. Bryan Brown.

“…the quality of this novella propels it to transcend genres to become simply this: a wonderful story.” – Samantha Sterner, The Monsters Next Door

Synopsis: First Comrade Yerik Romanofski joined the Interplanetary Task Force to see the universe and carve his own fate separate from his father’s teachings. His team lands on the remote planet of HT12-25 with a simple mission: to find and investigate a building that has no reason to exist on the uninhabited planet. Armed with superior weaponry and training, he meets an unrelenting enemy that hides a darker truth and as he advances toward his objective, Yerik soon learns that fate is a cruel mistress whose master has a taste for blood.

“Men of Five”, published by Misanthrope Press. Available from the publisher here or on (2009) – $7.95

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