Bits & Pieces


Synopsis: Ten short fiction pieces, including five previously unpublished stories, from speculative fiction author, C. Bryan Brown.

Threshold – Follow John George as he slips from reality and journies into madness.
1 Message – Nothing is stronger than a mother’s love. Not even death. (Previously Unpublished!)
Jason and Lou’s Blind Date – A chance meeting between two men results in a battle of wills where many lives hang in the balance. (Previously Unpublished!)
Your Lease Has Expired – Jefferson Webster is a vampire whose ex-girlfriend is a witch. When she asks for a favor, he reluctantly agrees and ends up an unwitting pawn in a sinister spell.
Dead Trees and Live Rabbits – Nature has always been a force to be reckoned with. What happens when the boundary between worlds thins and a young boy accidentally incites the anger of the woods behind his grandmother’s house? (Previously Unpublished!)

Other included stories: Dominance, Avenues of Escape, The Name Game, Dead Man’s Hand, & The Nightly Bite

Purchase your Kindle copy here: Bits & Pieces

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