Write drunk; edit sober

I’ve done this a few times myself. Well, mildly intoxicated anyway; if I were actually drunk, the only two options would be to keep drinking or pass out. Good post here as the liquor (or beer or cough syrup) does drop the inhibitions.


“Write drunk; edit sober.”

– Ernest Hemingway

For obvious reasons, this is a popular quote. You can find it on t-shirts, coffee cups…probably even underpants. I’ve posted it a few times on Facebook, usually when I’m drunk and thinking wow, I should really be writing. I think it’s funny and enlightening at the same time. Why? Well, in my eyes there are a couple reasons. One is literal. One, not so much.

Anyone who has tried to edit drunk probably knows it’s not very helpful. You’re going to have to re-edit it again, so why spend quality buzztime trying to polish a turd? Enjoy your buzz, do something fun with it. Like writing. Not texting your ex…that’s just stupid. I mean real writing. Me, I like to write drunk. Not all the time, of course. Just some of the time.

No, I don’t think I’m any better at…

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