Movies: The Frankenstein Theory & Storage 24

I’ve decided to put my dinky movie reviews on the blog instead of on Facebook/Twitter. The blog feeds to both anyway; it’s all about the streamlining and shit.

I’m currently taking a film appreciation class, which means the movie watching time is being ate up by plenty of older flicks. Despite all that, I did manage to get two movies in last Friday. Neither of them was that good, but that’s okay; I didn’t hold out much hope for either one.

“The Frankenstein Theory” throws us the idea that maybe Frankenstein’s monster is real. Mary Shelley wasn’t a genius, but rather an author who used real letters to construct a fiction. Using some far-fetched data, a scientist (related to the original scientist Dr. Frankenstein was based on) manages to figure out where the monster may be due to migrating food and unsolved murder cases. They show up, thinking the creature is going to be all roses and understanding; it’s not, they all die. I rated it 2/5 for the interesting aspect of putting Frankenstein into a different spin.

The second movie was “Storage 24” and I was hoping for so much more. It’s a pretty bad alien movie and the premise is that this disparate group of unfriendly people are trapped inside a storage facility (hence the title) with the alien. It’s not friendly (of course) and eats far more than just cats. The creature itself seems to be hybrid Predator/Alien/Human and isn’t very original in looks or the way it moves. There’s a bit of interesting character stuff thrown in, but not enough to save the film as a whole. I thought the ending was unique, though, as the survivors make it out of the facility. I generally enjoy Noel Clark and Colin O’Donoghue, but I suggest avoiding this one unless your movie palate is as unsophisticated as mine. I give this flick 2/5 and that’s all I have to say about that.

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