I See Authors… at Days of the Dead

Days of the Dead: Indianapolis is in the history books.

Each show has its merits and pitfalls and DotD was no different. I sold a few copies of Necromancer, signed them, and did the whole author thing. That’s always a joy. Saw Danny Trejo a few times as he wandered around, Lita Ford, Twiztid, Jake Busey, and Keith David. It’s important to note that it was Keith David and not David Keith.

dodauthorshotEven better, though, I was able to meet some more of my fellow Post Mortem Press authors this weekend. Chris Larsen, J. David Anderson, and Brian Dobbins helped the time fly at the table as we discussed the merits of “I am Legend” and PC vs Mac. You can find all of their books over at the Post Mortem Press online bookstore. Here’s a group shot of us, in case you’re one of those pictures or it didn’t happen people.

Best part, by far, was that I found a Pumpkinhead tee shirt that will fit my unusually large ass. Perhaps if Lance Henrickson ever does one of these conventions, I can get a picture or something.

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