Ch… Ch… Ch… Changes…

So, finding myself with a blitzing headache due to this bum tooth of mine, I took the day off from corporate America to sit still and not have to deal with everyone else’s problems.

So what did I do?

I started the long overdue and much needed revamping of this website.  I’ve rearranged the Short Stories section, adding in the link for The Wicked Library reading of Threshold.

I’ve updated the Appearance page.

I added links to all the interviews I can remember doing, so, if you’ve interviewed me or I filled out some questions for you and it’s not listed, you probably know how to get in touch me, so do it. I’ll get it up there.

Lastly, I added a Contact Chris page with links to the Twitters and the Facebook (you can also find these on the sidebar for now). If anyone feels it necessary to get more in touch with me, you can do that, too, by using the form on the Contact page. I’m taking my personal Facebook page private, and I’m not giving out my email address, so there you have it.

The last few things I want to do for now may or may not get done today (it’s time for more ibuprofen as my face is really start to hurt now as opposed to just being a dull roar of pain), but look for a new design and a picture gallery! Later today or coming soon (which means another year or so)

That’s it.

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