Welcome to the Slow Down…

Just a quick little update for today! I’ll be back with an actual blog post next weekend probably. Something writing related, of course; I just don’t know what.

First off, before I do anything else… THANK YOU! That’s a blanket shout out to everyone who’s followed me on Twitter, liked me on Facebook, bought a copy of Necromancer or Bits & Pieces, reviewed either, or just came up and said hello at one of the recent conventions I’ve been at. I fucking appreciate YOU to no end.

If you didn’t catch them, I’ve done both a guest post and an interview for a couple of different blogs. My guest post, “The Writuals” goes into how I got myself into a daily writing mode and the interview talks about my first writing experiences and some upcoming projects. No spoilers, though, I promise! The links are below. Check them out… not just cuz you love me, but because both Michael Haynes and the Shut up and Read blog people could probably use the hits! Always, always support indie artists!

“The Writuals” on Michael’s Write Every Day blog can be read here!

My interview for Shut Up and Read can be read here!

And last, but certainly not least, the anthology “For When the Veil Drops” from West Pigeon Press (which will contain my story Bless You) is still on target for a late August release. Maybe early September, but the editors are doing a damn fine job of keeping us in the loop as far as the progress is concerned. I’m looking forward to reading all the selected stories. I hope you are, too.

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