Fright Night (for real!) and more info on West Pigeon Press antho

So the Fright Night Film Fest was a success. Post Mortem Press sold a fair number of books and I was able to sell three copies of Necromancer. Not too shabby for an urban fantasy book at a horror convention catering mostly to movies and fans. It helps there are zombies in Necromancer, of course.

I was also able to meet the fine folks that run Great people, so go check out their webpage. I was also the lucky raffle winner of an original Lydia Burris print on Saturday. That was pretty fucking awesome, I tell you. I spent a buck on my ticket and came away with kick ass art. Been a fan of Lydia’s work for awhile now and any chance to add to my growing collection is one that I’ll take.

In the news department, received an email from West Pigeon Press who will be publishing my story “Bless You.” We’re scheduled for an August release (yay! happy birthday to me!) and I’ve been given a glimpse at the cover art, which I can’t get to upload, so you will have to wait on that. Also, the title has been released and it is… wait for it… “For When the Veil Drops” I’ll be sharing pages with such authors as Lydia Peever, Christian Larsen, Samuel Minier, and BV Lawson.


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