This is me being diligent…

There are a few updates to announce.

First, the links for my stories “Bullets and Bells” and “The One and the Many” are coming down. The anthologies through CMC are out of print for a short time while they’re transitioned over to being published through the Creative Minds. It might be a few months until they’re prepped and ready to be sold again. In light of that news, the next CMC anthology will be coming up around the same time. It will include my story “Heritage.”

The final edits on “Bless You” have been submitted to West Pigeon Press. That should be released sometime in the next couple of months. I’ll post more when it does actually release. The story is a personal favorite of mine so I’m looking forward to its release.

I’ve got two shorts out in the universe and the novel is still out there, too. Hopefully good things will come of all three.

I’m working on a Facebook “fan” page (Hahahaha) and I’m trying to figure out how to put a schedule of appearances up here. But I’m a web moron, so it might be awhile on both. We’ll see.

I’ll be back when there’s more.

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