It’s been awhile. There are a few things to report and so I will do that and then let you go on about your business. I have a few irons in the fire, as they say, which means that I’ve got a few submissions out floating the ocean. We’ll see how they turn out.

The first order of business is that my novella, Men of Five, is now available as an eBook! It’s been converted and is being sold via Smashwords. You can download a copy here!

The second item is HorrorHound weekend in Cincinnati. That starts tomorrow (I’m late, I know!) but you can come by the Post Mortem Press table where I’ll be signing books that I’m in. PLUS, I have a few copies of Men of Five to give away to people who buy any of the anthologies I’ve got stories in. If I should happen to run out of paperback copies, I’ll have coupons on hand for discounts on the eBook version.

Is thirdly a proper term? Oh well. I’m a writer and I can play, right? My story, Sewer Rats, was selected to be in the PMPress “best-of” anthology, Dark Doorways. What’s special about this book (other than my story) is that it features a metric shit-ton of great fiction from the likes of Paul Anderson, Kenneth W. Cain, Joseph Williams, and Matt Ashcraft. The bonus? It also includes new work from Jack Ketchum/Lucky McKee and rare as hell reprints from Jonathan Maberry and F. Paul Wilson. Can you say excited to be in it? You can get a copy of that book here!

I’ve compiled, edited, and released the anthology, Children of the Moon for Misanthrope Press. It reigned in the Amazon top 100 anthologies for about 3 hours and promptly fell out. It’s all about werewolves, so if you have a hankering for our furry, shifting friends, you can purchase a print copy here and download an eBook version here! It’s sporting a five-star review and an introduction by Paul Anderson. Check it out!

As a side note, I will try to update the listings on the Published in Print page soon! I’m going back to packing for HorrorHound now.

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