No, that’s not accounts receivable. It’s shorthand for accept/reject.

I was cut from the shortlist of Night Terrors II from Blood Bound Books. It was a long haul and I’m proud to have had a story considered until the very end. I’m sure it’s going to be a great anthology. It was a nice email, though, with another nudge to continue submitting.  I think I probably will. That’s the reject part.

I don’t write much flash fiction. What I do write is just shitty and geared toward character or scene building for shorts or novels in progress. And those usually come in the form of 10.5 minute writing prompts every other Saturday at CMC, which is my writing group. We do one of these prompts at the start of every meeting. Anyway, I’m digressing.

One of these prompts turned into an actual little flash piece under 400 words called “A Vision in Red.” I submitted that to Pill Hill Press and it was accepted today for their Daily Frights 2012. Go me. I’m not exactly sure when this one will be released but I assume end of this year, early next. Once I pin down a date (either by looking it up or being told) I’ll post it, along with purchasing information like I always do.

In other news, my bestie Inanna put up another eBook short. This one is a personal favorite of mine, The Seventeenth Sphere. Maybe because I’d like to… well, nevermind. I won’t go into what I’d like to do. You don’t want to hear. At any rate, the story is well worth the buck.

Now I’m off to find out why my poetry homework didn’t submit like it should have. Sigh.

(I apologize for not having links right now. WordPress is not cooperating when I try to enter them. I shall update again later.)

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