Welcome to the new site! As you can see, I caved and went with the bloggy type page. This was done for several reasons, none of which are really important, insofar as they added up to me being here.

So, just a quick tour and I’ll let you be on your way and I can be on mine. To the left are the usual inks and shit; the few that I have are all that I kept from the old site. These are the important ones to me. The list can and will grow as time passes.

Up along the top is my bio. I shortened it from the old site because they’re really pointless. I don’t want you to know about me and you don’t really want to know about me; hopefully you’re here because I write well and you enjoy reading what I write. With that said, the other links at the top are where you want to go. They’re self-explanatory, I think.

And lastly, there’s this main page here. When I get new publishing credits or have other writerly news to share, this is where I’ll do it. One stop shopping, or so they say. Convenience and all that. So, if you’re a fan (other than Inanna, my wife Michelle, or my sister Jennifer) feel free to tap the RSS feed at the top to keep updated.

Thanks for stopping by.

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